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Purple, Hot Pink, Peach, Pink and Blue Waist Beads

These waist beads are slightly smaller than our normal styles. 

Each strand has 13 beads per inch and are available with a clasp or as a traditional tie on in the length you desire.


Spring Time

  • Please make sure to accurately measure youself before purchasing as these are non-refundable / exchangeable.  

    Clasp Option: You can take off and switch styles as your leisure. For longevity, please remove before bathing.

    Traditional tie on Option:  You will have to wrap them around your waist, slide the extra beads off and tie them with a strong knot cutting the excess thread off once you'e one. Make sure you leave enough room so that when your stomach rises or is relaxed, the beads will move comfortably.These are perfect for measuring weight loss (or gain!).