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Size Info

We use your personal measurements for sizing. What does this mean?

We cannot go by pants / dress size because each store has a different definition of what a size 16 for instance can be. One store it may be 36" and in another store 50". We're all shaped a little differently and that's why we suggest custom fitting.

In order to get a proper fit, you'll need a cloth ruler (the kind you can get at fabric stores) OR a string and a straight ruler.

First decide where you'd like the waist beads to sit, above or below you belly. With our items there's no correct placement, it's where you feel they look best.

Secondly, take the ruler and hold it around your waist (or string). Take down the length. Now relax your stomach and take note of the length. Also sit down and take note of the length. You'll need to find a measurement that will take into account your stomach at rest as well as your stomach in normal circumstances. Our elastic waist beads expand slightly but the clasped option does not. 

Lastly once you're comfortable with the length, choose the measurement you'd like us to create for you.

Remember if you are choose the elastic waist beads, they are only mean to stretch a small amount, if you stretch them too far they will break. This is especially important to those who choose lengths under 30"

Do you need a length longer than 56"?  Please contact us, we can accommodate you! 

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