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The average size for women's bracelets is between 7" and 7.5" (for men the average is 8"). If you're uncertain of the size you need, you can take a string and wrap it around your wrist leaving room to move around (you don't want the bracelets too small as it'll be too tight). Place that on top of a ruler and that will give you a general size. Size up if you'd like a looser fit.

We carry  7" up to 8.5" in bracelets (Small to XL)


The average size for women's anklets is 9" (men's average is 10"). Measure the circumference of your ankles and add ½" to ¾" for an ideal fit.


We use your personal measurements for sizing. What does this mean?

In order to get a proper fit, you'll need a cloth ruler (the kind you can get at fabric stores) OR a string and a straight ruler.

First decide where you'd like the waist beads to sit, above or below you belly. With our items there's no correct placement, it's where you feel they look best.

Secondly, take the ruler and hold it around your waist (or string). Take down the length. Now relax your stomach and take note of the length. Also sit down and take note of the length. You'll need to find a measurement that will take into account your stomach at rest as well as your stomach in normal circumstances. Our elastic waist beads expand slightly but the clasped option does not.

Once you're comfortable with the length, choose the measurement you'd like us to create for you.

Stretchy style waist beads slide over your head to wear around your waist. They will roll up if the size is too small for your figure but rest comfortably around your waist if you've chosen the right size. 

** Consider sizing up for stretchy style if you want a more comfortable fit that won't roll up.

Lastly, although we've included a chart below, the best policy is to always measure yourself for a proper fit to avoid disappointment as each of our body types differ and factors such as height and/or body shape including tall, petite, curvy, average, and plus sizes can cause various differences in regards to measurements by inch as our handmade items are non-refundable/nonexchangeable.


Size Chart
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