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Our motto is “Love your body” what better way than to adorn it with waist beads? These afrocentric belly bead chains are are available in various styles for ALL SHAPES AND ALL SIZES.

What are Waist Beads? There are many different takes on what Waist beads represent and what they can be used for. Some use them in hopes of fertility, others use them for waist training, some to attract their husbands and others just as added beauty. We accept and are open to all interpretations and welcome you.

Style One: This traditional Ghana styled permanent waist beaded belly strand is meant to be tied around the waist and comes in a standard length indicated on the listing which will enable you to remove extra beads and tie the waist beads where you would like the beads to hang. Great for waist lost/training as you loose weight you can remove extra beads and retie. 

Style Two: The barrel twist option is semi-permanent and comes on durable stringing wire with a clasp and 1" extension chain. It is easily removable and is available in any size may need.

Style Three: Lastly, the elastic option is also semi-permanent and features beads strung on an elastic cord. It is also easily removable. 

Another great thing about these items is that you can also use them as a multi-wrapped necklace, bracelet or an anklet. 

Just a Note:  Our non-premium style waist beads are not meant to be permanent. They are best for occasional/limited wear as some colors will fade quickly than others. Please limit the exposure to water, oils, and lotions.

❤️   Your Body 

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